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Here, you can discover everything you need to know for your future career at INFORM. Find out about current vacancies and the opportunities we offer. Challenging tasks await students, graduates, and experienced professionals. Whether your interest is in technology or economics - passion and motivation are what count more! We look forward to receiving your application.

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You can work for us in the following areas:

  • Software development IT / Quality assurance
  • Project management
  • Productmanagement
  • Consulting
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Administration
  • Apprentices
  • Students

All vacancies in English can be found in our job portal.

Please switch to our German site to get an overview of all our current vacant positions.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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Thomas Keuter

Thomas Keuter

Tel: +49 (0) 2408 / 9456 - 0

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I am on the lookout for new ways Brigitte 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

What sets Inform apart as a company?

In a word? Innovation. I work in quality assurance and develop test procedures for our products. That means looking each and every day for new ways to make our products even better. It's very diversified.

And as an employer?

The fact that as an employee, I can balance my working life and family very well. I don't think there are many companies that achieve this as well as Inform. I really appreciate the flexibility over working times, for instance. I am a mother of two small children, so I know what I am talking about. And I did not hesitate for a moment in placing my children in the company nursery from the age of six months. They get the best possible care there. Also, Inform attends to the small details to give employees a sense of well-being.

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No two days are alike Halyna 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

What inspires you to work at Inform?

Well, we produce software which combats fraud. So you are actually helping someone. Even at work, you can say to yourself: I am doing something really important. This is what actually motivates me every day, because it involves a lot of responsibility.

Responsibility towards who?

To the customer. But also to my colleagues and to myself. That motivates me. Because it also makes me creative. Even if you make a mistake, you can learn from it. Suggestions for improvement are not dismissed by saying: "We always do it like this". Instead, the team listens to you and discusses your ideas.

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Everyone can organize Kohan 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

As a team leader, how would you describe the leadership culture at Inform?

We don't adopt a leadership by "instruction" principle. The managers across all hierarchical levels believe in supporting their teams so they are able to act independently. I make suggestions, but let each and every individual decide how they want to do their job. They can organize their own work, that's the key.

What experiences have you had with this style of leadership?

We encourage everyone to do their job with a great deal of autonomy. This is also required of them. At the same time, we grant a high degree of freedom. Freedom and autonomy go hand-in-hand.

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I manage knowledge! Nancy 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

What is the greatest challenge in your job?

To do something that has not been done before. As technical editor, I am responsible for collecting and collating the knowledge of the employees. I provide a kind of transfer service: For example, I grab the software architects and record their highly technical knowledge, either verbal or in writing. I then bring it to an understandable level so that everyone in the team knows what it's about. So everyone learns about the background to the software.

How does that work in daily working life?

The challenging thing is implementation. And the deliberation over which media I use for which topic. As an example, I produce video tutorials for algorithmic topics. We used to use a huge amount of text to explain things. Now, I make short 20-second animated films containing numerous small graphics, which get the point across quickly.

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With us, it's "we" that counts Guy 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

Where, for you, does Inform score as an employer?

It's very simple: I feel very comfortable here. The social aspects, the people, the flexibility with the work - I see that all as one unit. I am able to develop and do precisely what I want. And I am lucky that at inform, I was able to fulfill my dreams when it comes to family. My wife works here too. And thanks to the Inform nursery, it was easy for us to bring children and work under one roof.

You come from Cameroon. Your mother tongue is French. How have you settled in at Inform?

That was not too complicated. I have never felt like an outsider. In my division, I work alongside people from Vietnam, from China, from all over the world. I find that very multi-cultural. It gives us a lot to laugh about, because the various cultures are of course always good for a joke or two. It's fantastic to learn from each other.

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Even the boss rolls straw bales Sandra 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

What's your day-to-day work like at Inform?

There is no such thing as a typical working day - that's what makes this job so special. I was recently in South Africa and kicked off a project at an insurance company with my team colleagues. I work as a consultant in the "Risk and Fraud" Division and so I often visit customers abroad. Ultimately, they also want to know the people behind the products. Sometimes we travel together on a photo safari or to the Oktoberfest in Munich. Business suits during the day, traditional leather shorts in the evening. This is what makes my job so diverse. There is seldom a routine.

What do you get personally from these trips?

This year alone, I have been to Brazil, Norway, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. I learn an incredible amount. I think that more than 50 percent of my projects are currently in English. I have to look into various country-specifics. I am forever discovering new perspectives, because people from different cultures deal face challenges in completely different ways. I think this makes it much easier to deal with people, and the personal contact with customers motivates me as it is not so anonymous.

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Benefits What is in favour of INFORM … for starting a career and as long term career opportunity? 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

There are two things at INFORM that you only find rarely in the same place at the same time: The pleasant and informal working environment of a medium-sized company connected to the university combined with the challenges of a global enterprise.

  • The challenge of "intelligent" computer systems

    Instead of traditional information systems, we supply optimisation systems, which are able to make real decisions using operations research and fuzzy logic. This differentiates INFORM form the broad field of the software industry.

  • On the one hand the opportunity to work in a team

    and immediately for world-class companies: ABB, Air New Zealand, Allianz, Audi, Bayer, BMW, Bosch, British Airways, Daimler, HHLA (Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG), Lufthansa, Meyer Werft, Porsche, Qantas, Rabobank, Die Schweizerische Post, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp Steel, VW and many more.

  • On the other hand the security of being well taken care of

    You will not end up in the typical "political trench warfare" of large companies. A friendly, tolerant and informal interaction is very important for us!

  • Taking responsibility at an early stage

    The internal organisation of INFORM with manageable teams is aimed at delegating the decision making competence as close as possible to the responsible person.

  • Engagement and fun

    Even if unconditional engagement towards project success and customer satisfaction obviously enjoys highest priority - work should be fun too! An unusually low personnel turnover for the IT sector of less than 5% says it all!

  • The challenge of system installation

    Within the framework of turnkey projects it is important to match system logic exactly to specific individual requirements. Co-operation with the team of the customer is a key issue: Listening, enquiring, understanding, filtering the core aspects, developing own thoughts, developing solutions, taking part in discussions and finally convincing properly.

  • The quality of our work, appreciated by our customers

    We always work to achieve actual project success and almost always support the systems for many years afterwards. Project organisation on a partnership basis often results in friendships between colleagues and customer companies. As a "side effect" we quite often win tenders for new projects, despite high prices sometimes, due to convincing references.

  • The quality of our work, acknowledged publicly by independent experts

    In 2003 INFORM achieved the first prize of the European Intermodal Association (EIA) for the "best system for the control of container handling in sea harbours"; in 2008 and 2010 the AJK prize of the German automotive industry for a system for the optimisation of just-in-time delivery; and in 2006 we even were the first recipients of the newly founded company prize of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Operations Research (GOR)", for exemplary implementation of scientific research in trend-setting software systems!

  • Internationality

    Although our focal point is still in Germany and Europe, many of our systems are being used worldwide. Chances for project work in Paris, London, Lisbon, Bologna, Moscow, Washington, Toronto, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney or Auckland are quite good in a number of business areas. And in Aachen colleagues from almost 30 nations work together.

  • Innovative software

    We ensure our competitiveness with regular new developments, especially with consistent incremental improvement of existing systems. This was lauded by the GOR in awarding the prize. But it is also fun to tackle operational problem situations with original methods.

  • Growth, financial independence and long term perspectives

    INFORM is since 1985 always profitable! And that without becoming dependent on external providers of capital. Instead management and some 50 long term employees are shareholders of the company. Since 1985 some 400 new jobs were created and we aim to expand further in the future.

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