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A smart network and hub management is essential for each postal and parcel operator and logistics provider. Agile networks with optimized distribution centers create the precondition for the right balance between service level, cost efficiency and sustainable operations. Flexible optimization software offers a distinct competitive advantage.

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INFORM’s intelligent yard management system optimizes the handling of load units in post and parcel centers as well as freight forwarder and distribution centers. Through the synchronized interaction between gate, yard, and logistics center, SyncroTESS enables an efficient, transparent and optimized yard management:

  • Reduced gate times (in/out) thanks to automated (or manual) gate processes
  • Optimized yard allocation and dock assignment (load/unloading)
  • Minimized dock changing times and streamlined shunting operations
  • Improved transparency and automation: work orders are generated automatically and optimized in real-time; documentation of all yard movements.

Rail terminals can also be integrated into SyncroTESS.

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Matthew Wittemeier
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Smart Network and Hub Management Features 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

INFORM offers intelligent hub and network management solutions for different applications. Each solution supports the various requirements of the diverse logistic centers so that postal and parcel operators and logistics providers are able to manage them as efficiently as possible.

  • SyncroTESS Smart Network Toolkit

    SyncroTESS Smart Network Toolkit for post and parcel operators as well as logistics service providers offers the possibility to establish an intelligent network management for the customer. Information flow, goods handling and resource allocation are optimized.

  • SyncroTESS Central Hubs

    SyncroTESS Hub Standard for post and distribution centers with high transport volumes and high need for automation is a comprehensive system for intelligent control and optimization of yard logistics. Existing resources are utilized efficently and all yard processes are made transparent.

  • SyncroTESS Regional Hubs

    For regional hubs with hub and depot function, medium transport volumes and need for automation, INFORM offers a yard management system supporting their individual requirements for automation and optimization. A graphical user interface with schematic geo view is available.

  • SyncroTESS Groups

    SyncroTESS Groups is the lean yard management application for smaller sites with low transport volumes und complexity. A graphical user interface with schematic geo view is available for the user.

  • SyncroTESS WebDepot & WebClient

    Very small sites without dedicated yard management can be connected via SyncroTESS WebDepot. Transport data can be collected via a web application and shared within the network. The software also allows post and parcels operators to connect their clients to the information flow.

  • SyncroTESS Inter-Site Communication

    SyncroTESS Inter-Site Communication allows to exchange transport information between sites connected to the network via SyncroTESS.

  • SyncroTESS Asset Managment

    INFORM's asset management solution complements this portfolio. It intelligently manages passive transport units (e.g. boxes, roll/cage containers, swap bodies).

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The software offers:

  • Transparency双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

  • Higher throughput双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

  • Reduced turnaround times双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

  • Better resource utilization双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

  • Flexible reaction to unexpected events双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

  • Optimized flow of goods双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

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Intelligent Yard Management双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

Intelligent Yard Management Yard Management at Hermes Germany 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

Find out how 200,000 parcels at Hermes’ center in Langenhagen are processed on time every day, thanks to INFORM’s logistics software SyncroTESS.

Post & Parcel双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

Post & Parcel 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

SyncroTESS intelligent yard management for post and parcel centers

Since 15 years, SyncroTESS successfully optimizes Swiss Post's yard logistics at their parcel centers in H?rkingen, Daillens and Frauenfeld. Hermes Logistik Gruppe Deutschland (HLGD) from Hamburg uses our system to control five of their hubs. British parcel operator UK Mail uses SyncroTESS since May 2015 in their newly built distribution center in Ryton.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Higher throughput and better yard resource utilization
  • Full transparency of all work and business processes thanks to KPIs
  • Fewer errors through standardized processes
  • CO2 reduction thanks to minimized travel and shunting distances
  • One (1) person is capable of controlling the yard by means of a graphical user interface

Freight forwarder双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

Freight Forwarder 双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

SyncroTESS intelligent yard management for logistics provider and freight forwarder

SyncroTESS provides a comprehensive system to manage and optimize yard logistics at distribution centers of freight forwarders and 3PLs. The software consists of different modules which can be adapted to individual business processes. The yard management system supports the following yard processes:

  • Gate In/Out of external trucks
  • Optimized allocation of docks and storing positions
  • Connection of loading/unloading at the docks
  • Optimized assignment of shunting vehicles.

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