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The challenge for working time flexibility is not primarily identifying appropriate measures but rather implementing them in everyday resource planning. This is only possible with highly powerful workforce management software.

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Flexible working time models is a hot talking point. With them, a high level of working time productivity should be reached, despite strong fluctuations in demand. There are many approaches to working time flexibility:

  • Flexible shift lengths / times / time slots
  • Annual working time accounts
  • Flex shifts / relief shifts
  • Stand-by shifts / external service providers
  • ...

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There are many outstanding concepts to increase the flexibility of working time deployment. So why do so many companies fail with their implementation?

Flexible workforce management is extremely demanding:

  • Flexible planning processes are much more complex than traditional planning procedures.
  • The implementation of flexible staff scheduling requires flexible employees.
  • In turn, flexible employees expect flexible schedules, tailored to their needs.

Increasing flexibility leads to a more complex planning process - and becomes a critical success factor!

Without suitable, powerful software, companies fail in the realization of their objectives.

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With WorkforcePlus, the complexity of flexible working time deployment remains manageable, regardless of which flexibility measures you choose. Thanks to the parameterization of target criteria and restrictions, all planning parameters and their dependencies are simultaneously taken into account by the system, based on your individual needs.

Due to its unique technology, the software can be quickly and flexibly adapted if your requirements change. With the new innovative level of interaction, Roxx, a consultant can quickly and easily formulate modified requirements, without touching the programming level.

Thus, you secure your investment in workforce management for the future.

With WorkforcePlus, you manage to successfully implement flexible working time. Thanks to Roxx and our consultants' expertise, the complexity of the implementation project also remains manageable.


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  • SECURE ADAPTABILITY FOR THE FUTURE双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖

  • MASTER THE PLANNING COMPLEXITY双色球10元怎么打合适,群英会开奖结果图,山东群英会任选单式开奖


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